The $700,000 Man is Failing us in Las Vegas

Forty-eight hours after one of the deadliest massacres in modern American history happened in Las Vegas, I was still shocked and upset.  I upset that it happened here.  But as time went on, I became more upset because the people who are paid to protect and promote the Las Vegas brand are out of the office, if not out of Las Vegas. Not wanting to be inconvenienced by work.

In all the Vegas chatrooms and discussion forums, people were screaming for answers, screaming for someone with the authority to know something, to tell them NOT to cancel their trips to Las Vegas.  What did they get from the Vegas “Authority’s”? They got nothing. Crickets.

Meanwhile, the people whose livelihoods depend on tourism were taking time out from trying to make sense of this all, find out if their family and friends were ok and still try running their business,  we’re trying to put some calm back into the conversation.  We were losing money and losing the battle.  We could have used some help from the supposed expert.  Like from the one agency that is paid to protect the Las Vegas brand, maybe?

With the world media in Las Vegas and all cameras on the Las Vegas Strip, you would think the people who are very well paid to market and protect the Las Vegas brand would be out in force, in front of the cameras, telling people “Las Vegas is open”  ” Las Vegas is safe”  But no. They were too busy to be bothered by something as petty as that.

The one agency tasked with and the people who are paid and pampered better than many CEO’s of major businesses, the LVCVA, was nowhere to be found.  That Pissed Me OFF!!

Instead, they felt a press release, a statement should work just the same.  Read here 

Your Room Tax at Work?

When you rent a room in Las Vegas, there is a “Hotel Room Tax” added onto your bill on top of every other additional charge. All that money is then split amongst various entities around the state. For Las Vegas, a large part of that money goes to The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA).  The CEO of that agency is Rossi T Ralenkotter and in 2016, he received with salary and bonuses, over $700,000.

“The LVCVA is charged with and committed to building and protecting the Las Vegas brand among its diverse audiences of current and potential visitors.”

The man got paid almost three-quarters of a million dollars after he insulted every tour operator, show owner, and operator and tour marketing person, including me, by telling his lapdogs that it was HE who made it possible to bring 43 million tourists to Las Vegas in 2016. Nobody else. Just Him.

So why wasn’t this master  Vegas marketer out protecting the brand, when you had every news camera from around the world, pointing at a killing field?  Why were he and his minions not on social media, helping to calm people down and get them to not cancel their trips to Las Vegas??

United Airlines did better at crises control and brand management than the LVCVA is doing right now.  What are you waiting for?  Where are you?  Why are you letting the media drive the story??  The chaos is breeding tinfoil hat seminars on second shooters and people are still canceling their Vegas trips.  Isn’t this part of your job??

$700,000 a year and we get a billboard?  Really??