Elvis 75 : Big Elvis 10

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If Elvis Presley had lived, he would have been 75 yesterday and probably still performing somewhere in Las Vegas.  Lucky for us he isn’t and we get to see Big Elvis instead.

Having said that, we wanted to congratulate Big Elvis on several points.  One is that the picture you see above, is the new and improved “Big Elvis”  performing on the King’s birthday.  Where he announced a new two year contract signed with Harrah’s.  This new contract means Big Elvis, aka Peter Valee, will mark 10 years at Bill’s Gaming Hall. (formerly the Barbary Coast)  And 14 years playing in Las Vegas.

The other congratulations goes to the new him.  We interviewed Big Elvis a couple of years ago, when he was still tipping the scales at over 900 pounds.  Today he is under 500 pounds heading to under 300 pounds.  That’s a lot love lost there folks.  And he did it all naturally. Diet, exercise and the pushing of a lot of friends, family and fans.

When I stopped in on Friday, he was sounding better than ever and now brings a lot more energy to his free show.  That’s right, a free show.  You don’t even have to buy a drink to enjoy his performances.  Just head over to Bill’s Gaming Hall on the corner of the Strip and Flamingo.  Next to the Flamingo between 3 and 7 pm Monday-Friday.

I always tell people that he is the best late year Elvis impersonator you will ever hear. Afterward they usually comeback and say I was right.  Checkout the  Big Elvis Website for more information.


  1. who could have not known the greatest musician of the decade. Elvis is the king.*’-

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