Mr Mayor and The Princes of the PBR

pbr kickoff

Yes, it’s who you are thinking….  At the start of the PBR World Finals Kick-off party on the Fremont Street Experience we had the three amigos of the PBR Week.  You have the happiest Mayor in the World, Mayor Oscar Goodman along with PBR legend and Goodwill Ambassador,  Adriano Moraes.  But the biggest shock came with the man on the right.  Mr Jeffrey Pollack.

For those of us in the Las Vegas media pool, the last time we saw him was officiating the World Series of Poker.  We rarely, if ever saw him  without his shirt buttoned all the way up, pressed tie and a well tailored suit. Now he’s with the PBR, sporting a Don Johnson, Miami-Vice look. With his shirt collar open and no glasses.  And Smiling!!!   Check out Jeffrey Pollack Before Photo! Never knew this guy could smile.

So if our twitter feed seems a little different, or we are a little slow in returning emails, its because we are at the Thomas and Mack with the other 15,000 or so PBR fans from all over the world.  Come on down and join us!

Just as a side note:  I’m hoping this is not a trend or a result of the lower room tax revenue, but this marks the third time we have seen the Mayor at a major event without his showgirls.  Tell me this is just a scheduling conflict and not a trend!!  Please??

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