Sellout at The Sphere?

MSG Sphere Las Vegas April 2023

Yes, that big black Death star-looking sphere behind the Venetian is pumping out a lot of updates, news, and speculations lately. But, don’t worry, It’s still on for a September opening, with U2 being the opening act.

Actually, that’s what a majority of the big news has been. 

The ticket situation for the band’s residency. How tickets were going to be sold, how much, and how many.

The Details

The massive spherical venue will have 17,500 seats with a scalable capacity of nearly 20,000 guests. Along with high-resolution LED screens that wrap around the audience, the building is equipped with thousands of speakers that will deliver a “crystal-clear” multi-layered audio system for every seat inside.

Many online Vegas Know-it-alls had this place written off before it even opened. Telling everyone that even with “the world’s greatest band” as the opening resident, they could not fill it every night for 17 shows. They almost all said to expect a bankruptcy sale by Christmas.

Sorry, Charlie! Those of us who pay attention to what’s on the street know otherwise. It’s going to be a huge success.

In a news release, Live Nation (Ticketmaster) said the tickets for U2 at the MSG Sphere “will be in high demand.” (no kidding?) As a result, Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan program “will be used to ensure more tickets get into the hands of fans who want to go to the show, not buyers looking to resell them.”

MSG Sphere inside

Let’s do the math:

If you need to cut to the chase, it looks like there will be NO general tickets sold to the general public right now. 

Why? They will all be SOLD OUT!

Tickets were first offered using the Verified Fan process. Over 1 million potential ticket buyers registered. Let’s say they stick to the 17-date show schedule. Even if they go with the standard setup of 17,500 fans, knowing they could push it to 20,000. But sticking with the 17.5K seats per show for 17 shows comes to 297,500 possible tickets.

Live Nation says tickets start at $140 and will reflect all-in pricing. This means the ticket price listed is the full out-of-pocket price, including taxes and fees.

“The larger capacity at Sphere allows for 60% of tickets to be priced under $300, and there will also be a limited number of premium-priced tickets per show,” Live Nation said.

Live Nation notes that “in an effort to help minimize resale and keep ticket prices at face value for fans, GA floor tickets for “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere” will be restricted from transfer. They may only be resold at the original purchase price.”

Show Dates Thus Far

  • Friday, Sept. 29
  • Saturday, Sept. 30
  • Thursday, Oct. 5
  • Saturday, Oct. 7
  • Sunday, Oct. 8
  • Wednesday. Oct 11
  • Friday, Oct. 13
  • Saturday, Oct. 14
  • Wednesday. Oct.18
  • Friday, Oct. 20
  • Saturday, Oct. 21
  • Wednesday, Oct. 25
  • Friday, Oct.27
  • Saturday, Oct. 28
  • Wednesday, Nov.1
  • Friday, Nov. 3
  • Saturday, Nov. 4

For complete dates, tickets, and more information, visit https://u2.ticketmaster.com.