The MSG Sphere Update

MSG Sphere Las Vegas

Finally, the local news gets off the baseball kick and onto some real news impacting Las Vegas Tourism. Talking about the latest news about the Las Vegas Death Star. I mean the MSG Sphere.

First up, as I detail in my video(Is the MSG Sphere Going Bankrupt?), the earlier reports from other Vegas bloggers about this project going bankrupt, are incorrect. It will open up and it will be successful.

Screen tests. Screen tests were already taking place on a portion of the Sphere last month. The 580,000-square-foot exosphere LED screens will be completely installed.

When’s the Opening Date? Not yet set in stone, but the recent announcements make it clear, that the opening date is in September of this year.

Who’s First? Rumors say that it’s the supergroup U2. and that they will have a residency at the SPhere. But nothing is confirmed as both the management and the band tease us about it being true.

Other Entertainment: Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer David Byrnes did say in a recent conference call that they are planning a wide variety of event types, including music residencies. Byrnes said. “I’d also add that we’re targeting between four and six residency headliners every year and that could obviously vary depending on the length of the residency.

UPDATE: The worst-kept secret in Las Vegas was final confirmed. U2 will be the opening concert

But Wait! There’s More!

In that same call, Barnes talked about the Hollywood response to the project. How original attractions as being another key component of their plans to really drive the high utilization at the Sphere. Expecting to expect to run these originals multiple times a day, year-round

“Attending an event at MSG Sphere will be unlike anything anywhere in the world, and we expect it to become a must-visit destination for the global audience that visits Las Vegas,” Byrnes said.

We could not agree more. Looking forward to opening night!