Welcome, 2022!!

Las Vegas New Years Eve

Tell me the truth. I’m sure I wasn’t the only person wanting to stay up just to make sure 2021 really went away!

Here in Las Vegas, we have a popular tradition to do just that. To send the old year out and usher in the new one with a multi-million dollar firework display above the Las Vegas Strip.

Thankfully this year was no different. At least in the fireworks display. This year’s celebration was themed “Deuces Wild” and was one of the few large New Year’s Eve events in the country not canceled or scaled back. This is Vegas. We go all in or we go home!

As usual, the fireworks were absolutely spectacular. However, unlike previous years, many people decided to stay home or stay inside and watch it on TV. While only a few thousand actually ignored the panic-fed media, braved the cold ( it was in the 30’s), and huddled on the Las Vegas Strip to see it all happen live.

Our spoon-fed, local media claimed that over 300,000 people were on the Strip to watch the fireworks display. Yea, right!! Using new math?

For me, I was sixty-some stories above it all, helping my photographer friend Tom Donoghue shoot it from atop the Trump Tower. Joining us were a few other brave media people bundled up like we were at the North Pole! It was seriously cold up there!

tom las vegas fireworks
A Beautiful Sight to Behold!!

I do have to say, if there is anything that will take the chill off the air and put a smile on your face, even for only eight minutes, it’s watching the Las Vegas Strip light up under the loud orchestrated booms of fireworks. Always amazing, it the show never disappoints.

Welcome to The New Year!

It’s my wish for all of you that 2022 be a much better, brighter, and happier year for you and your loved ones. and that if you do plan to come to Las Vegas, drop me a line and say hello!

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