Snakes on The Strip

Imagine if you will….   75 to 100 real live snakes in a glass box with somebody living with them 24/7.  All for the world to watch, study and learn.  And people wonder why it takes a lot to shocked or amaze me.  You kind of get used to the strange and the bizarre being a normal way of life when you live in the land of shock and amazement…

He has been in there a few days now and talking to the people working around the box, last night’s storm was a doozy.  Excellent made for TV stuff.  The plants in the glass box had the friendly snakes in it.  The big bad snakes were out on the floor.  The glass box shook so much that the tree knocked over.  Mixing the good with the bad.

Now you have about 100 snakes hissing, pissing and fighting each other.  The alarms went off and the observers had to suit up and go in to separate the snakes as the fought each other.  Thankfully, the star of the show slept right through it all. Either that or he probably had his eyes closed tight hoping it was a bad dream!!

So now you are asking what in the hell am I talking about??  Well instead of amazing you all with my wonderful crafted words of wisdom and poetry, here it is from Animal Planets website:

“Animal adventurer and venom expert Donald Schultz has traveled worldwide to collect venom and DNA from rare animals for his television series WILD RECON (Tuesdays at 9 PM on Animal Planet). Each week, Donald gets his hands on some of the deadliest animals on the planet: black mambas in South Africa, sea snakes in Australia, and even rampaging elephants in Sri Lanka. But in January, he will face his toughest challenge yet: to spend 10 consecutive days with 100 snakes — many of them deadly — in full view of tourists and webcam fans on around the world. The event — a special edition of WILD RECON — will be packaged for the two-hour VENOM IN VEGAS airing Tuesday, February 9 at 8 PM ET/PT.

From Sunday, January 17 through Tuesday, January 26, 2010, in front of the crowds outside of world-famous O’Sheas Casino, Donald will eat, sleep and drink alongside snakes such as pythons, rattlesnakes and cobras. Their shared custom-designed 16′ x 20′ glass enclosure, complete with a bed and tiny bathroom, will be situated on Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) in front of O’Sheas Casino and across from Caesars Palace. The jeopardy increases each day for Donald: he’ll start with 50 snakes and have five new ones added daily to reach 100. He won’t know which species will be introduced until he opens up each double-bagged snake delivery and discovers a potentially deadly new roommate. Animal Planet will air a daily VENOM IN VEGAS on-air updates during the event so viewers can watch Donald’s exploits from the comfort — and safety — of their living rooms.

But Donald will be doing more than simply existing alongside these dangerous snakes. He’ll be working with them hands-on every day, extracting venom that will be shipped around the world so research for venom variation and potential pharmaceutical use can continue. And when he’s not milking venomous snakes with his bare hands, he’ll be conducting cutting-edge tests to measure, for example, the potency of venom, the depth of fang penetration, and the strike range of the world’s fastest snakes, through the use of high-speed cameras.”

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