To Live and Work in Death Valley

Death Valley is Hot
Death Valley is Hot
That’s me from a few years ago. It’s a Dry Heat!!

If all things stay as they are, on Sunday, Death Valley National Park had the highest temperature ever “reliably recorded” on Earth, a toasty 130F (54.4C). And to think, some people call that place home!

We are still waiting for the final verification from the people who do that stuff.

Is It Really That Hot?

They are using the term “reliably recorded” because there are two higher temperatures in the record books. One, in Furnace Creek, happened in 1913 – 134F (56.6C).  The other in Tunisia in 1931 – 131F (55C). But there have been arguments over how they were recorded and if they really happened.

To the surprise of many, Death Valley, non-pandemic, is usually open all year.  In the summer, you mostly have the daredevils who want to say “they were there” when it was hot enough to fry your brain. Although most people try to avoid the place in the summer months.

Working in Death Valley?

There are several hundred people who live and work in the park all year long. Not only Park Rangers and hotel personal, but you also have tour people, maintenance, and safety for the roads and shelters. You have Military people who work in the nearby bases who need to monitor air traffic through the valley.

Someone has to keep the golf course looking green and to keep the hotels running right!  Besides, it’s a “dry heat”! After a few days, you start to think anything under 80 degrees (F) is cold and you need a jacket.

Similar to dealing with the Las Vegas heat, you try to do your outside work in the early morning or evening hours.  Stay Hydrated and do not overexert yourself.

Except in  Death Valley, you need to really watch out for all the strange critters who are also trying to keep out of the heat and need to venture out for food and water in the cooler times of the day!

Check this article out: BBC: Death Valley: What life is like in the ‘hottest place on Earth’ 


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