Hanging Out with SmileyJoe Wiley (video)

Las Vegas comedian SmileyJoe Wiley

When my friend Joni from LV Wedding Connections told me she had a great comedian I needed to meet, she was right, like always. Comedian SmileyJoe Wiley is his name and he has a new gig I think you are going to like. (Checkout LV Wedding Connections)

His show is on a party bus. Yes, a party bus, so it’s an intimate (socially distanced) even with a few friends or coworkers, maybe the family and such. But you will definitely enjoy the show and the ride! There can even be a stop at the Mini-Gran Prix!  (Checkout Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix)

For me, all I can say is that I was surprised at how much fun it was to ride along in the party bus and be well entertained! SmileyJoe is a consummate entertainer and a very positive and fun person to be around. You will walk away smiling for the rest of your day.  He explains it much better than I can in the video!

The Interview that Wasn’t

I sat down with SmileyJoe Wiley for what was supposed to be a simple interview. But SmileyJoe is too full of life and has too much fun doing what he does. It ended up being a 2-hour conversation of just about everything! Seriously good laughs along the way. Unfortunately, I needed to edit it down to something easier to consume online and focused more on him, the show, and what’s in it for you, the customer.  This is the edited version of that conversation!

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