Monday with Frank

Frank Cullotta and Heidi Harris

Hedi Harris with Frank Cullotta

So how was your Monday Morning?  My Monday Morning??  Well, not really your typical Monday morning.  Nope, I spent mine with a mobster.  Not just any mobster, but our favorite one, Frank Cullotta.

Frank was in town to do a little business and so he invited me to tag along as he did a radio interview on the ever-popular Heidi Harris morning talk show KDWN 720.  Ok, maybe not invited, I did I ask nicely to be his shadow as I have never met Heidi and I thought it would be an interesting way to kill a few hours.  It was…

Harry Reid’s Story

A quick background.  Nevada’s slimy Senator Harry Reid is running for reelection.  To boost his lackluster image, Harry is running a series of heart-touching ads touting his “roots”. They are about a man who came from extreme poverty to become the hard-working, respectable man that he is today.  Yea, ok.  the Sh*t gets deep when Harry is around…

So what’s that got to do with Mobster Frank Cullotta?  Well, one of those ads has Frank a little upset and he wanted to clear the air about it.  To give His side of the story.  or at least offer a Mobster-style rebuttal to the charges.

Some of these ads claim that in Harry’s early days as a “respectable” lawyer and Nevada Gaming Control Board member, according to the ad, the mob tried to take him out by rigging a car bomb to the family station wagon.  Apparently, according to Harry’s story, A wire was discovered that went from the distributor to the gas tank. Yea, a wire… how professional…

Heidi called BS when the ad first hit the air and is catching flack because she doesn’t remember this “murder attempt” on Harry’s life.  Even though she has lived here all her life, this bit of earth-shattering news escaped her somehow.   So today she got to ask the one man who would know for sure if the mob ever tried to take ol’ Harry out.

Frank’s answer: “If we had done the job, he’d be gone.”  You gotta love a man who has a way with words.  Short, sweet and so full of truth you could feel it in the air.

Frank did go on to explain that the mob had no beef with Harry Reid at the time. As well, that the wire was found on the family car, his wife’s car.  Not Harry’s personal vehicle.  Frank’s rebuttal?  You guessed it. Short and to the point: The mob never targets the family, they’re innocent, We Target The Person!

Ok, nice to know that… Thank you Frank.

The Lesson of the Day:
One thing Heidi did learn from the interview with Frank Cullotta: If you ever think you are a target for a mob hit…  Start your car with the driver’s door open.  That way when the bomb goes off, the blast should send you out of the car!


Image Couresy of Ron Scharff/MURDER IN MCHENRY

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  • Humping for Harry will only get you so far there David!! Harry has never seen a lie he couldn’t tell if it meant more camera time and a few more $$ from the Union thugs…

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