Wayne Newton Update

wayne newton update

Ever since we were the first to break the story with photos, almost every other entertainment rag magazine and blog has followed up with “exclusive” breaking news.  Including cell phone photos about a plane sitting in Las Vegas icon, Wayne Newton’s backyard.  So we thought maybe it was time for a “NewtonLand” update.

I drove by there a few days later and saw that his horses that are normally running around the corrals behind the brick wall, were all moved off onto the grazing fields alongside Pecos Road.

This area has normally used for grazing a few horses at a time.  Nothing special and certainly not where one would expect to find their prized Arabian brood mares. But, there they all are now.  Kicked out from the cushy comfort of the ranch estate to be roadside attractions.

What is going on inside the walled compound is speculation mixed with first hand sightings.  Wayne Newton sold his 32 acre ranch to a development company, whom some say plan to build a Graceland style entertainment complex.  Which would honor Mr. Newton’s musical achievements and career highlights. Some sources have even said this will include a dinner theater where Mr. Newton will perform.

We drove by there today and spotted piles of dirt around the plane as well what looks to be new landscaping where the corrals once stood. So, maybe the rumors are true and we are losing yet another iconic Vegas landmark, and gaining a new tourist attraction.

Many Vegas locals scoff at the idea of a Graceland style complex inside Casa de Shenandoah.  Most locals also forget that they too were once tourists and forget what made them want to come to Vegas in the first place.

Whether they want to admit it or not; for many, getting Wayne Newton tickets was the first priority after landing in Las Vegas. Hey, we don’t call him “Mr. Las Vegas” for nothing.

Wayne Newton has always been a one man Las Vegas marketing machine.  Name one other living person who can garner as much free, positive publicity for Las Vegas than Wayne Newton. Okay, maybe Mayor Oscar Goodman can… But, that’s about it… If you say the word “Wayne Newton” in almost any section of the world, the comeback will be “Las Vegas.”

Ask anyone who has served in combat about Wayne Newton and chances are you will get a smile, an unquestionable or answerable smile.  Wayne has symbolized the American spirit, and helped bring a little bit of home to those who serve and protect us in foreign lands through his duties as the USO Entertainment Ambassador.

As a Tour Professional, I can attest to his continued popularity by the numerous requests I get about him and the ranch.  Can we drive by it?  Is he home? (always loved that one)  Where is it from the Strip?  Can we walk to it?  Does the bus go by there??  Will we be able to see his horses?

So I can agree with the others that any type of shrine or attraction to honor one of the men who helped cement Las Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world, would be a worthy tourist attraction.

On a personal note, it is not so much that we would be losing a iconic piece of property as it is losing a piece of unexpected beauty.

I have always enjoyed driving by and seeing these beautiful animals out grazing in the pasture.  Just a little unexpected oasis in the middle of this megatroplis we call Las Vegas.

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