Room Review Boulder Dam Hotel

Boulder Dam Hotel

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you how much I love Boulder City. You know, the town that built a famous dam!! So when my wife and I decided it was time for a little Staycation, I chose The Boulder Dam Hotel.

This is historic hotel was built in 1933 and was the home base for the celebrities and government officials who came out to see the construction on the Hoover Dam. It has a total of 22 rooms and suites. That’s It! So when deciding to stay here, you need to take its historic charm and simplicity into the equation.

It has the modern amenities you need, maybe not all the amenities you want.  It does have free wi-fi that is better than I have seen at other major hotels and very friendly staff. That may be its biggest charm! The simplicity of the hotel as well as the charm of the historic district that it sits in!

boulder dam hotel

The kitchenette was a cute little setup, you do need to bring your own utensils and plates or ask at the front desk. But it does have a nice empty mini refrigerator! The living room in ours had a comfortable loveseat. The suite across from our I peeked in and saw it had a more formal set of upholstered chairs. As with most hotels, satellite television (yuk).

The bed was firm enough without being stiff. It gave support for us two old people. It’s the pillows that I hated. Not sure why. Maybe their size was too small and not really firm or fluffy. It was probably some bad foam. Not to worry, we survived! The bathroom is what told you it was a classic hotel. The knobs on the sink and on the bathtub were right out of an old movie! However, the bottom of the bathtub was lined with an anti-slip material that was good for bathing as well as to stand on and kept you from slipping and falling. I liked that it was like that.

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