113 The Vegas Tourist Stimulus Podcast

Nicolas Cage in Las Vegas, tours

Las Vegas starts the new year, ready for almost anything you can throw at it and Mother Nature was the first to test that out. Over 1.6 inches of rain in less than a week with more coming. That’s more than we had all last year… Thank the heavens and the Democratic party we have global warming!

So if we sound a little frustrated, you now understand why. You just can’t enjoy Vegas if your dodging stupid drivers in the rain and running over the tourists isn’t really a sport at that point.

So we have been a bit busy with the rain, jobs and whatever else happens at the first of the year. Hope you enjoy.

Notes and Links from this podcast

It’s Da’Saints fans coming to Vegas to celebrate the Super Bowl.

  • Blue Man Group is a must see
  • The Stratosphere lets you jump off the building with Sky Jump
  • The hit show “Jubilee” hits the 17,000 mark

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