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Yes! We have a new podcast up finally.  Episode #259, Welcome Back Las Vegas.  This is not about welcoming YOU back to Las Vegas. It’s more about a few things that are showing us that Las Vegas is coming back and getting ready to welcome you back in full force!  We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t look like it’s another train!!

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Crime in Las Vegas?

First.  We need to talk about the supposed “rise” in crime.  Yes, crime in Las Vegas is up.  It’s up a whopping 4%!  That’s it.  About what you get in other cities of almost 3 million people.  The reason for the crime wave being blasted across the world news is that its Vegas!  They like to talk about Vegas and without all the crowds, you are seeing the dreads of humanity you normally didn’t see because you were too busy looking at all the shiny lights and being moved along by all the people on the streets.

Nothing has really changed in that area, you just need to be aware of your surroundings and don’t let your guard down. Just like you would be walking the streets of any other major city! Here, the crowds are gone so people who come here are taking in all the sights they normally can’t see because of the crowds and enjoying the open spaces. So the criminals are easier to spot and get into trouble…
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The criminals are in some ways like the rest of us. They are tired of being locked up in our homes.  They are unemployed, frustrated, and looking for some release.  They have a chance to escape their captivity in Arizona or California, and like you and me, you want to come to Las Vegas for some action.  Wanting to get out, get some movement going, and finding other people to associate with. so they, unfortunately, they hit Las Vegas!

Law Enforcement, Metro, as well as hotel security is being extra vigilant right now. But the resorts are not back to full staff yet, so things are a little more obvious than they were before. The media is looking for some bad news to report and they are finding the pickings a little slim if they want to stay away from politics.  Good or bad, Las Vegas always makes a great headline..

Elvis Returns!

Maybe not the real Elvis.  However, Big Elvis, aka Pete Vallee, is pretty close to the original!  Big Elvis is back and that’s the true sign that life on the Strip is getting back to whatever the new normal will be.  The first regular musical show to reopen and he is back at the Piano Bar at Harrah’s.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Circa Comes to Life

The all-new resort opens October 28 in Downtown las Vegas!  Adults Only, six pools open all year long! The world’s largest sportsbook!  And of course, home to Vegas Vickie!

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