99 Mobsters, Pizza and Joints… and much more

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Can you believe it?? We are almost to our 100th Podcast!! That will have to be an awesome show and we are just not sure how to make it all happen, but we will.  A little duct tape and some fancy editing and we can make anything happen.

We started this show after a full day with ex-mobster Henry Hill and his entourage.  Try keep up with these folks. This included a stop at the Fire It Up Pizza shop in Henderson…  What a place!!  Holy cow!!

Las Vegas tourism numbers may be down, but we are definitely not out for the count.  A lot of things are happening and the people are still coming in.  So the Mayor may be right when he says the bottom has been hit and we are heading up! Can’t argue with Uncle Oscar.

The Hard Rock has reclaimed the throne for best intimate music venue.  The Joint handles 4,000 people including 7 ultra suites and state of the art sound and lighting.   The new Joint has the same vibe that the original Joint had.  Mark, The PA and a Second Shooter was there for the ribbon cutting with the Mayor, Carlos Santana and a bunch of Hard rock VIP’s.  See The Joint Photos

Steve Wynn has been in the news and for all the right reasons.
Talk of a Sex Tax hits the floor dead on arrival.

Sazzy and Mark get hooked on Mixed Martial Arts.
This is a sport that will suck you in!!

Elton John raps up five years in Vegas
Beer Pong World Series Jan 1-5

Beyonce World Tour ends in Las Vegas
Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp

And another reason to rent a car while in Las Vegas

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