Mondays with Mark Podcast 304

Mondays with Mark

The Vegas Tourist Podcast, Mondays with Mark, Episode #304…

Podcast Notes

Website overhaul!

This is the first time we did a website overhaul this big.  So I really do appreciate your understanding and patience as you may experience some changes and strange posting as things get moved around.

I know, I should not do such a massive update live, but I like to live a little dangerously occasionally.  It will be alight in the end!!

The big blue silo is still not open

You know, the Fountainbleu resort?  That never finished, never opened, but sold multiple times to new people, each with grand plans to open the resort.  Yes, that Big Blue Silo.  Its most recent motel partnership pulled out.  That would be the Marriott brand.  They got smart and realized this thing is never going to open.

The Fontainebleau broke ground in 2007. Its 68 story massive blue structure has towered over the north end of the Las Vegas Strip for more than a decade.

The Smart Ones Said “Do Not DO This”

The FAA said not to do this.  TSA said this would be a bad idea.  Event the airport operators said this was not going to be good.  So the Clark County Board said “Yes” to the developers who want to build a 20 story tall hotel and casino right next to the airport property.

Right next to the fuel tanks, Area 51 jets, and a busy runway.
The working title for the project is “The Dream Resort”
What could go wrong??

Airport Renamed for a modern-day Racist

The Las Vegas International Airport/McCarren International Airport gets a new official name that will never be spoken here…

MGM Takes over Cosmopolitan

When will the gaming board learn the definition of a monopoly??
MGM makes the move to stop the Hard Rock from cutting in on their action?

Resorts World shuffles the Deck

Is this the sinking or the churning as we wait for the international and convention markets to return and save the day?

Virgin Resorts Fails Vegas Marketing 101

Seriously, they failed miserably and now they may be saved by news of International markets opening to Vegas soon

Any Questions??

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