205 Super Blooms, Mystère and Nascar plus other stuff

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Today’s Podcast is a catch-up episode with Miss Debbie on what all The Vegas Tourist has been up to lately.  Seeing Mystère, catching the Death Valley Super Bloom and surviving NASCAR without Sazzy. Plus a bunch of other Vegas Tourist stuff…

  • As promised, Mark gets his head shaved at McMullins Irish Pub for St Baldrick’s Foundation. Raising money to help conquer childhood cancers.  Criss Angel showed up and donated $100,000.
  • McMullins raise over $400,000 for children’s cancer charity (Read: Criss Angel sends a buzz through St. Baldrick’s with $100K donation)
  • Debbie and Mark do Du-Pars at the Golden Gate and enjoy it. (Blog Post)
  • Having fun at Discovery Childrens Museum with the grandkids!  Yes, Mark really does like children.  Just not when they live ay home…
  • Death Valley Super Bloom explained and enjoyed.  (see video)

Debbie has lived in las Vegas for over 30 years and never saw a Cirque du Soleil show until she started to date Me. For my birthday, she treated us to the original and still one of the best Cirq shows out there, Mystere.  Being the original and the oldest doesn’t mean it’s the one to miss.  On the contrary.  This is the one to see if you never have seen a Cirq show or you are curious where other Vegas’ shows stole their material from and want to see how the acrobatic stunts were really meant to be  performed!

And being married to a Cirque du Soleil virgin means we get her thoughts as a tourist on seeing a real Cirq show for the first time.  Summary of her experience?:  Breathtaking, amazing, always something new to see…  Want to go see it again!


  • Elvis has left the building! Maybe.  ( Blog Post ) Stay tune, developing story!
  • One weekend, three major sporting events! All with major upsets.
  • Packed Weekend  – NASCAR- UFC 196 Fight – USA 7 ‘s Rugby
  • No Sazzy NASCAR
  • Maverick Night Flight was amazing!


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