252 Talking About The Dam Short Film Festival

This past weekend the little town that built a dam, that would be Boulder City, Nevada, held its 15th annual Dam Short Film Festival.  That’s right. Boulder City, that tiny town 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas,  has a film festival that also ranks as one of the top film festivals in the world! I know, I was shocked as well.

Before it all got going, I had some time to talk with a wonderful lady named Fetalina.  Short for Tsvetalina Stefanova. She is the director of development for the Dam Short Film Festival. The interview was held inside the historic Boulder Theater.  This building was built in 1931 and for many years, this was the ONLY building around that had that new-fangled thing called air conditioning!

It is now owned by Desi Arnez Jr. He is the son of legendary comedian and tv star Lucille Ball.  Yes, that Desi Arnaz Jr.

Here is my interview with Fetilina and the Dam Short Film Festival!




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