216 Talking Pole Fitness Studio and Pole Expo 2016 with Fawnia Mondey

In this podcast, Mark Anthony is flying solo.  His guest for this show is Fawnia Mondey, who is the founder of Pole Fitness Studio of Las Vegas.  A full-service exercise/dance studio that blends traditional exotic pole dancing with rigorous cardio and aerobic workout!  Plus she is the creator behind Pole Expo 2016.

The Vegas Tourist Updates

Changes For The Vegas Tourist Podcast

Starting Tuesday, September 6, expect the podcast to be a weekly event with a basic format of “Updates”, Questions from #asktvt and then the interview.  We are teaming up with the Las Vegas Territory members to bring you a diverse and interesting line-up of guests that are the people behind the shows and the services that make Las Vegas tourism work.  The non-gaming side of the world of Vegas tourism. As well as more feedback from your questions and comments.

Las Vegas Pole Fitness Teacher

We Talk Pole Dancing!

Most people connect pole dancing with strippers in gentlemen’s clubs.  People like Fawnia Mondey found other benefits to learning to work the shiny pole; Spicing up your romance, getting fit, entertainment, and exercise.   She lost 45 pounds using the pole to exercise!

Fawnia Mondey started out as a stripper in Canada with a need to learn pole dancing.  That led her to Vegas where she created Pole Fitness Studio.  A place where locals, tourists, and professional dancers can come to learn how to be sexy on the pole, have fun and to get fit.

She also started Pole Expo.  A way to showcase the benefits of Pole Dancing as well as have some of the best in the business come to show off and compete in different events and categories.

  • Pole Expo is Sept 7-11, 2016 at the Joint inside the Hard Rock

(interview begins at approx 12:20)

Fawnia Monday’s 3 Vegas Tourist Must Do’s!

  • Check out a nice hotel or two
  • Go shopping
  • Go see nature

Hidden Gem: Pole Fitness Studio

Favorite Vegas Show:  Love

Favorite Vegas Movie:  Hangover


Links from Podcast #216

Pole Expo 2016 Teaser Video

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