The New Podcast is up #302

Mondays with Mark - The Vegas Tourist Podcast

Mondays with Mark - The Vegas Tourist Podcast

It’s always in the little things. Like being consistent.  I never was good at being consistent.  But here we are, almost finished with the first month of the new world order and I have three podcasts up and published.  This one is #302.

Editors Note:  This Podcast was finished and ready to be uploaded on Monday, January 25!  yes, I was on time!! However, our overly priced internet provider (Cox) decided that Monday was the day and night they needed to mess up everyone’s cable access and it was not able to be properly published on Monday!!  My apologies!

In the brief 20 minutes or so of podcast deliciousness, I hit on a few topics.

  • On Monday, February 1st, I want to do the very first TVT Supechat.  Live on YouTube and simulcast anywhere you can watch or listen to YouTube from!
    Open to almost any and all questions about Las Vegas tourism, tours, National parks, things beyond Las Vegas.  You know… The fun things to see and do around here.
    All the goodness and fun times start at 6pm PST 
  • Do you want to know how I spent my birthday weekend?  The wife and I packed up the jeep and went to the 2021 Winter 4×4 Jamboree in Hurricane, Ut (close to St George, UT) and enjoyed a little more freedom from the lockdowns we have here in Nevada and not as bad as it is in California.  We had fun!
  • While there, we went on a solo adventure up to Beaver, UT to The Creamery!  Delicious!
  • As well, we were told to go check out the petroglyphs.  Prehistoric writings on the rocks from before modern man arrive.  And we saw more effects of Climate Change before the invention of the automobile!  Imagine that!!
  • Finally, we ended this past weekend by taking the GrandKids to The Lion Habitat Ranch. Home to the original MGM Grand Lions!

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