222 – Vegas Girls Night Out – Talking with a Vegas Native

After spending almost two weeks in perpetual motion:  Between theProfessional Bulls Riders World Finals, the cowboys, the bulls and the media chaos;  Plus Nevada Day weekend we got to visit Dr Lonnie Hammargren’s open house to tour his vast collection of chaos consisting of Nevada and world artifacts, Debbie and I finally recovered enough to cut a quick intro to this week’s Podcast entitled “Vegas Girls Night Out Vegas – Talking with a Vegas Native”  Listen to the podcast, you’ll understand!

“No, you can’t walk from one end of the strip to the other quickly.  They really are not that close together.  It’s an optical illusion!!”

Bri Steck –  SPI Entertainment  & Vegas Girls Night Out

This Podcast interview is a little different in the questions and responses because my guest is a true Las Vegas valley native and Las Vegas Territory Member Bri Speck.  She was born and raised right here in Clark County and works in the Vegas entertainment field.  So I get to explore a lot of different avenues and the conversations bounce from topic to topic and we also talk about the recently “Old” Vegas.

You have to admit that growing up in small town Boulder City while being schooled in the “big” city of Las Vegas, surrounded by the kids who’s families built and ran Las Vegas, kind of skewers your thoughts and perceptions about the real world!

Bri married Adem Steck, who produced shows for Tina Turner, Elton John, and other big names before settling down in Las Vegas and creating a stable of successful shows on the Las Vegas Strip under his own banner SPI Entertainment Productions International.  Bri broke out and created her own little niche, Vegas Girls Night Out.  A boutique concierge service for helping plan that special night on the town for the female Vegas tourist.

Some show’s SPI Entertainment produces:

Contact Information

Thunder Facts:
Thunder From Down Under is real!!

Did you know that there is No Tipping in Thunder?
Tipping is not an Australian custom

All the hunks in the show are 100% Australians or New Zeland!
Normal “Blokes”  who are discovered then sent thru “Thunder Bootcamp”


Bri Steck’s Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Vegas Tourist

  1. Photo of you in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
  2. See Thunder from Down Under
  3. Do a limo – It’s a Vegas Experience!

Hidden Gem: Lake Mead National Park / Red Rock Canyon

Favorite show(s) : J Lo / Absinthe

Favorite Vegas Movie:  Casino

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