Dear Major League Baseball, You Don’t Deserve Las Vegas

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Major League Baseball (MLB) is trying to follow in the footsteps of its big brother, the NFL (National Football League), and dump its trash in Las Vegas. Hoping the city is stupid enough to take it.

(featured Image: Las Vegas Aviators Ballpark) 

We Need to Say No!

The MLB wants to send us the Oakland A’s. They are the worst team in their league. They claim they need to move because the team needs a new stadium, and the taxpayers in Oakland don’t want to pay for it.

According to the commissioner of the NLB, the fact that they are the worst team in the league has nothing to do with the need to move. 

Why not move here? Half of their fan base moved here. And that fan base still thinks it is in California, so naturally, they feel the government should pay for the new stadium.

Word to the new transplants: This is not California. Want a stadium? Pay for it yourself!

What About The Raiders?

Yes, we took in the Oakland Raiders, becoming the Las Vegas Raiders. Again, the worst team in the NFL League. The only reason that happened was that our city leaders got weak in the knees, and their panties got wet when the Raiders asked if they could move here.

They had a moment of weakness, and besides, “they” didn’t have to pay for anything. The tourist room tax made sure the stadium got built.

The Raiders are still the worst team in the NFL League three years later. I’m not even going to mention the coincidental rise in crime that came with that move… let’s say, lesson learned. Las Vegas Deserved Better.

Las Vegas doesn't want any more trash from Oakland! We can do better.
Proposed Baseball Stadium Location

A Second Load of Trash?

So why should we take your trash a second time?  Las Vegas is not just a city of 2.7 million people. We are a city of 40 million tourists who come from all over the world to sample what America has to offer. 

Do they come here to see the worst of the worst? No, they come here for the world’s best accommodation. The finest restaurants, the best shows, and some of the best scenery mother nature has to offer. 

Do you want to send us a team? Send us one worthy of calling Las Vegas home. Give us our own team.  Then I promise you that you will start to cash some really big NFL league checks.  Trust me, that plan works!

The NHL Got it

The National Hockey League (NHL) understood the importance of Las Vegas to their bottom line. When they decided to expand, they gave Las Vegas our very own team. A move that some had questioned in the beginning, but now all can agree it was a very profitable idea. Everybody won. Including the fans.

Since game one, The Vegas Golden Knights have been winning fans, winning games, filling seats, and making everyone involved a lot of money.

The Vegas Golden Knights are The Las Vegas Golden Knights. They are our team. The city loves them; the fans love them. They were born here, and they will win here.

They are not that horrible team that moved here and tried to become “our team,” but they will never have that hometown fan base.

There is a particular hometown pride that comes with that title.  Something the Raiders wish they could have but never will. Even if they were to win the Super Bowl (stop laughing), They will still be known as the horrible team that moved here to become the Vegas Raiders. 

Send Us the Best or Stay Home

So now you want to send us your worst team so that you can tap into our lucrative international market? To final profit from the team?  Hell NO!  Las Vegas deserves better. Step up to the plate or stay home…

(featured Image: Las Vegas Aviators Ballpark)