NASCAR Vegas Style – The Primer

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So what is NASCAR, Vegas style??  For starters, it’s a really long weekend of fast cars, fun fans and a lot of excitement. Not to mention a ton of fresh money for the Las Vegas economy.

The annual race weekend means over 140,000 fans and their families in town to celebrate, let loose and have fun..  This is their one weekend a year where there is no budgets, no skimping and no saving pennies.  This is when they blow the kid’s college fund and smile doing it.

So for all of our The Vegas Tourist podcast fans, here is our quick introduction to Las Vegas NASCAR Weekend.   Think of it as a primer for the upcoming Podcast with the Ace Reporter and the Chip N Dale Magnet. You know how much fun THAT podcast is!!

Friday is when the teams come out and fine tune their cars and get everything in place for the races. Do the interviews and pose for the camera.  It’s also when the media gets to get their groove on and figure out where all the best shots will be from.

This year the media frenzy over Danica Patrick and her race on Saturday has created a fan frenzy as well. What is normally a pretty quiet day at the track is now filled with the die-hard fans and  amateur photographers. When we say NASCAR lovers, we also mean lovers who love NASCAR.

NASCAR fans always rave about this track for its added bonus.  The Neon Garage.  For an upgrade, any ticket holder can get a pass to the Neon Garage.  At a normal track, this would be the infield area.  Here in Vegas, we tore that out and put in an entertainment plaza that also allows you to get up close and personal with the drivers and the crews.  Literally.

Some of you may already know that Vegas is home to Nellis Air Force Base.  This was also the very first Top Gun School.  Since all the fans are out in force, apparently the base thought today would be a really nice day to show off.  So when we weren’t shooting people and cars, we were photographing our brave men and women in the air.

More Fun Photos to Come

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