UNLV at Allegiant Stadium

UNLV Stadium

On October 31, when most of us were obediently following the commands of our wonderful governor to stay in your homes and fear for the worst, while he went out and partied like it wasn’t a covid lockdown; The University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) football team, the Rebels, were in their new home at the Allegiant Stadium. They were playing host to our arch-rivals, the University of Nevada Reno Wolf Pack (UNR).

UNLV Rebels Football
Empty or not, that is one beautiful stadium!

Following all the safety protocols and social distancing requirements, our good friend and photographer Tom Donoghue (@photomanlv) was there to capture the action and maybe catch a few of the limited fan and permitted support people cheering on the home team to an unfortunate 37-19 loss.

Ironically, while Tom was suffering some sweats and dizziness and such while trying to capture all that action.  Maybe it was just too much excitement of being in the new digs!  He was later admitted to St Rose hospital where he spent some time in the care of some of their excellent medical staff.  After all the tests and treatments, just for the fun of it, they threw in a bonus COVID preventative treatment before sending him home to recuperate. As always, they were excellent to him and he’s doing fine now! ( I love St Rose Hospital!)

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Meanwhile, our team, they played, they tried.  But it was just not enough.  It’s also a shame that the fans were not allowed in to see the home team in their fancy new settings.  It may have helped cheer them to a victory.  Maybe. Ok, at that large of a spread, maybe not really.  But they played like they had the intention of being a winning team!

UNLV Rebels football
Sending the team good vibes??

The win for UNR snapped a two-game losing streak in the series for Nevada, which had lost in heartbreaking fashion in each of the last two years. It also brings the Fremont Cannon back to Reno, where it will be getting a coat of blue paint. The Fremont Cannon is considered “the” trophy between the teams. It’s an actual canon and is painted the color of the winning team!
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photo by tom donoghue
It Looks So Nice in Red…. Maybe Next Year.

Losing is never easy. What made it a little more painful was that this was THE game. This was the very first game at the college level to be played at the $2 billion Allegiant Stadium. As we all know, this is also the home to the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders. Not only this being the first year for the team in their new home stadium, but this was also the debut season for the team under new head coach Marcus Arroyo.  So It was supposed to be a big banner year for all.

photo by Tom Donoghue
Can we get back to reality? More people, More Cheer

Being the inaugural year, it was sad to see the stadium so empty.  They tried to fill it with cheer but this place is a little larger than the old Sam Boyd Stadium! Thanks for the effort!

photo by tom donoghue
They actually did try to score a few points!

Thank you, Tom Donoghue

I do want to thank Tom Donoghue (@photomanlv) for getting the photos like he always does. I can say that I have seen him work in some of the most unusual circumstances and at times where other “professional” photographers would run the other way, literally.  He is the pro that we all have come to love and care about.  Talking with him last night, he seems to be back on the mend and seriously needing to get back out to shoot something!  Don’t we all know that feeling?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what’s next on his agenda!


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