Vegas Hockey Open House

Las Vegas Hockey Open House

The yet unnamed Las Vegas NHL Hockey team wanted to give its fans and prospective season ticket holders a look-see at the new set up.  So they laid the first sheet of ice on the T-Mobile arena and hosted an open house.  Today and tomorrow. August 1&2, 2016.  It also was the first real time the general public could come in, see how it all flowed from the parking ramps to the seats.

For me, this was the third time I have been in the building since it opened.  The first one was the “official media day” where we got about 10 minutes total from the time they escorted us in till they walked us back out the front door.  Second time was for Basketball USA.  where I got to see how it worked and how well the staff handled people.  They staff was wonderful, the supervisors were pricks.  And now this time.  When I actually had time to look around, check out the various seating options and enjoy the beauty of this state of the art, $300 million, Privately funded arena.

Las Vegas NHL Hockey

Did I mention that this state of the art, 22,000 seat arena is privately funded??  Ok… For NHL Hockey, it will seat 17,000 fans.  From cushy stadium seats with plenty of legroom to million dollar suites, this place has a little something for just about every type of fan.

The Las Vegas team name will be revealed in September and the team will not start to play until the 2017/2018 season.  Yet there was plenty of people flowing in to see where they could be sitting once the seat selection process begins.  No real timetable has been announced for that part of the game plan.

As you would expect for something funded in part from MGM, it’s all well monetized.  From wall-to-wall signage to suites to lounges and patio-style seating. In Vegas, it’s all about the money.  Signs, placards, and designated special areas “sponsored by” various entertainment and beverage companies.  No McDonald’s here. All Strip-style fast food and premium nightclub offerings. So bring your credit card…

T Mobile Mens Room

Surprisingly, the only area I found not monetized was the men’s restroom ( I didn’t check the ladies).  I thought for sure they would sell that advertising space above the urinals.  The nightclubs do it all the time…

Although I did not buy a season ticket or pick out my desired seat location, I still believe this will be a winning and successful venture. There are too many pluses going for it.  Unfortunately, we have one more year before the inaugural team hits the ice.  The good news is that they already have a lot of people cheering for them.

For those die-hard hockey fans, they are hosting the annual Frozen Fury, NHL exhibition games here on October 7/8


Your Thoughts on NHL Hockey in Las Vegas??

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