Where to Play NBA Basketball in Las Vegas?

All Net Arena

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I’m sure you heard the “news” – Another professional sports team wants to come to Las Vegas.  This time are hearing this kind of rumor is regarding the NBA (National Basketball Association).

I’m not holding my breath in this one.  Even if the media keeps pounding away, promising us that there will be a major announcement next week that Las Vegas is considered a frontrunner for the NBA expansion team. Trust me, it won’t be happening (again).

For now, I can tell you about the nba.nbcsports.com news that Las Vegas billionaire Jay Bloom reportedly has lined up an ownership group to bring NBA expansion to Las Vegas.

Where Would They Play?

Since this is an ever-reoccurring “news” story, we get hit with the same questions every time. The “if” Vegas Gets an NBA team, where would they play? Where would their area be located?

They could get going quickly and efficiently by doing what the Golden Knights did. Use an already existing arena. T-Mobile Arena.  Unless they feel that’s beneath them and they demand their own arena.

NBA Issues

First, we have to contend that the NBA is losing fans in a quick and uncontrolled manner. They have openly joined forces with the left-wing militant group, BLM (Black Lives Matter), and that has caused monied fans and some critical corporate supporters to find the exit door fast. They need them to come back in order to be profitable long term.

If the NBA authorities act wisely and do not involve in politics, they will have a considerable fan base in few years. Again, the word “IF” comes into play

The NBA’s Place to Play

Not really surprising to those of us who live and work in Las Vegas, we all know of a place just ripe for a new arena.  In fact, it has been sitting vacant for the last ten years waiting for this moment.

At the north end of the las vegas Strip, next to ‘Sahara Resort’ where the ‘Old Wet-n-Wild Waterpark’ was. That park was closed over 16 years ago in 2004. It is the place where the ‘All Net Resort and Arena’ project broke down.

All Net Sports Arena?

‘All Net Sports Arena’ has been the dream and the brainchild of ex NBA player Jackie Robinson. Do not hesitate if you do not know him. I have also never heard about Jackie Robinson until the project was dreamed up.

In 2013, his partners purchased a location on the north end of the strip at ‘old Wet-n-Wild Waterpark.’ (next to Sahara Resort) The site had been planned for an earlier stadium project called Silver State Arena. That dream failed when the developers found out they learned they would need to pay for the arena by themselves. No taxpayer bailouts or room tax subsidies for this project like the NFL Raiders got..

Presently, the ‘old Wet-n-Wild Waterpark’ land is worth 3 billion dollars. This 22-acre site on the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard, as currently planned, will be a multi-purpose arena with 22,000 seats, a hotel, and a shopping spot. No news on parking.

Now the speculation is centering that long-mothballed Fontainebleau Las Vegas resort (aka The Drew / The Big Blue Silo) may take responsibility for the hotel and shopping part of this project, and the big hole in the ground will remain for the arena.

The news flash is the Drew project has failed (again), and yet, another group of investors, including the original developer of the Fontainebleau Las Vegas, now own the resort project.

The resort’s main entrance lies almost in front of the property line of the ‘All Net Arena’ site. How convenient!

It Is Las Vegas!

Remember, this is Las Vegas, and we hear rumors like this every week.  Nobody is getting their panties wet yet over this supposed announcement.  When we see the construction boots on the ground and a foundation being poured, then we start putting bets on when it will actually be completed.

Stay tuned to see if this truly happens!

Final Thoughts

Now, if you are smiling with a clenched jaw because you know more news about the NBA and its plans for Las Vegas, Please share here to spread smiles on other faces, too; we will try to stay unusually quiet.

Otherwise, Stay Tuned to see if this really happens!

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