What is the Vegas Loop?

Think of an underground transit system. But instead of box cars filled with strangers traveling down a track, you are riding in a tunnel, in your own Tesla, and having it stop where you want it to stop.

It started as a test project between Elon Musk’s Boring Company and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). To move convention attendees around the 2 million square foot convention center. Stations are at the west, central, and south convention halls. It is open during Convention Center hours.

Recently, the first leg of the “Vegas Loop” opened and people can ride to and from Resorts world to the Convention Center. It’s the first of what will eventually be a system with 55 stations.

The next leg will be from the convention center to Encore Resort. While also tunneling towards the downtown area and eventually to the airport as well as Allegiant Stadium.

vegas loop stations

Using the system within the Convention Center is free. Boring says tickets for all other stops will be in the $5 (downtown to the convention center) to $10 (airport to the convention center) range. (Resorts World is $1.50)

Other than the Convention Center portion, there is no taxpayer funding involved. The Convention Center paying The Boring Company a management fee for that portion of the loop. The LVCVA is funded entirely by the hotel room tax.