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The Westgate Sports Book Redux

When I moved to Las Vegas in 2001, the place to watch and to bet sports was the Stardust Sportsbook.  It was an amazing experience to see.  The huge screens that lined the walls looked like something from a NASA space control room, only larger and with more action.  That’s where all the top sports guys worked and the “lines” were made here that all the other sportsbooks worked from. They even had a sports radio show that broadcast from there.

It didn’t matter if you were betting a game, the ponies or just there to watch it all, the Stardust Sportsbook  was a complete Vegas experience on to itself!  The action was always non-stop, on the screens as well as at the counters. People screaming, booing. bets coming, cash going.  Never a dull moment.

Once we lost the Stardust, a majority of the action moved over to the once luxurious Hilton Las Vegas. Again, the huge screens lined the gigantic walls and all the live action fed an ADD-riddled chauffeurs dreams.  But it wasn’t the same.  It, like the rest of the resort, had started to show its wear and the fact that the owners were taking more money out than they were putting back in, made it a sad place to be.   It suffered greatly the next few years.

Finally in 2014, Time Share entrepreneur David Siegel, purchased the property and promised a massive remodeling and rebranding.  A story we were told often when new owners took over a once iconic Las Vegas landmark.  This time, the owner kept his promise.  Mr Siegel has put his money where his mouth is and put Westgate through a remodel from top to bottom and one of the areas that is getting his pocketbook’s attention was indeed the Sportsbook.  It’s in the middle of a $13 million remodel and upgrade.

Seriously, I walked into this place the other night during a NFR after-event and was blown away by all the changes and upgrades. especially the screens.  Those are awesome to stand in front of and watch the action.  Whatever the action is, you need to watch it here. The video experience is 18 feet tall, spans 240 feet and all of it can be HD, almost 4K in quality. It all depends on the quality of the feeds they receive.  They can show one game or race on all 240 feet, or break it up into smaller screens, games and boards.

The screens are 60 feet wider than the video board hanging from the ceiling at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys


Looking around, they are serious.  Nothing is being left untouched. From the new screens, new seating area, a real VIP area and new food court to even the bathrooms are being given a first-class makeover. The one thing I noticed not being touched are the exotic prop bets. Those silly little side bets on the big games.  Jay Kornegay, the Westgate Sportsbook’s head man, he’s famous for those. Like betting on who will have the first foul after the first kickoff? Those things.  Also with the expanded capabilities, they will be able posts regular odds on foreign sports like Formula 1 racing, international soccer and European and Asian golf tours.

The Westgate Sports Book Man O War

Don’t worry, the life-sized statue of Man O’War and his jockey is still there.  “The Mostest Horse”

The rooms are remodeled as well and they are sweet.  Seriously. They are nice.  So if your down by the Convention Center, Check This Place Out if you have the chance!


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