2016 NASCAR Las Vegas Burnouts | Video

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It’s been eight years that Las Vegas has played host to the NASCAR Awards Celebration. ( now called NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week) Originally held in New York City.  Each year, the event on the fan side gets smaller and smaller. But each year, the one draw to Las Vegas for drivers and their fans alike is the ability to have the top sixteen drivers do a parade down the famous Las Vegas Strip with their sponsors stamped cars and do burnouts on the famed asphalt. This Never gets old!

This year, even with smaller crowds lining the street, the fans let it be known they were there to hear the rumbles of the engines and to smell the burning rubber. I can say that the drivers did not disappoint!  They begin in front of Planet Hollywood Resort, make a slow drive north to the Wynn Resort and 8 of the drivers lined up and each did their thing.  Once the smoke cleared and the cars were lined back up, they made their way down the other side of the Strip, back down to the intersection in front of Planet Hollywood.

What I love about NASCAR, is the fans. They are so loyal to the sport.  We picked our usual spot to shoot from and sure enough, there was a group from Minnesota next to us that I had met at that same spot last year.  And their friends.  And others around us who looked at us and went “Hey, you were here last year!”  Yes, we were there last year and that tree limb still needs to be trimmed…

They Backed up!

What’s not shown on the video was that this year, the drivers were supposed to do the burnouts at the intersection then head further south to The Park, for meet & greets.  They seemed to have initially forgot the burnout part and continued past us.  Someone caught the “oops” and made the last 8 cars back up  before letting them leave their tire tread in the middle of the intersection!

The only car allowed to do burnouts at both ends of the Las Vegas Blvd, was this year’s champion, Jimmy Johnson!

If you missed the event this year, you can still see NASCAR in Las Vegas in March for the Kobalt 400.  March 10-12 NASCAR Vegas Weekend 2017 Here

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