Death Valley NP Goes Cashless

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Death Valley, one of my favorite National Parks, has announced that they are joining the growing list of other National Parks that are going cashless.

Starting June 1, 2023, you will need plastic to pay for camping and entrance fees. 

According to the National Park Service (NPS), the park collected $22,000 in cash last year. But it paid out over $40,000 to process the cash! Cash handling costs include an armored car contract to transport cash and park rangers’ time counting money and processing paperwork.  

Do you blame them for going cashless? The transition to cashless payments will allow the NPS to redirect the $40,000 previously spent processing cash to benefit park visitors directly.  

No Plastic? Not a real problem.

Park Visitors can use cash to purchase the $30 per vehicle park entrance 7-day pass at several partner locations: 

  • Charles Brown General Store (Shoshone, CA) 
  • Death Valley Natural History Association (Furnace Creek Visitor Center) 
  • Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association (Lone Pine Visitor Center) 
  • Panamint Springs Resort 

Visitors can also purchase entrance passes ahead of time online at   

Below is a list of National Park Service–operated sites that have announced a transition to entirely cashless payment systems for entrance fees.

Not All Cashless 

Not everything is cashless. Concession operations are required to accept cash if specified by state or local law. For places like Death Valley, its for entrance fees and camping permits.  

You can find a complete list of National Park Service entrance fees at Go to the park website you’re interested in to find info on their fees— or get all the details at