Escaping Las Vegas Part 2 – The Back Way to Barstow

Las Vegas to Barstow

It’s been six months since I first posted my “Escaping Las Vegas” video. In that time the video has had over 240,000 views. Thank you very much! Since making that post and video, I had promised a few follow-up videos.

That first video was going from Las Vegas thru Topeca to Baker, California. Avoiding what some people say is the worst part of the I-15 commute.  The Primm/State Line over the Mountain Pass.

Well, I finally got off my backside and completed the promised second video. Another backway out of Las Vegas, this time going to Barstow, Califonia.

This second video shows a little longer drive going from Las Vegas to Barstow, California via Searchlight and the I-40. Ending at my favorite rest stop in Barstow, The In-N-Out Burger shop.

In both cases, I am trying to show an alternative route out of Las Vegas that will at least keep the wheels moving and not have you stuck in absolute gridlock going the I-15 all the way to Los Angeles


On a normal day, driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is about a 4.5-hour drive. Come Sunday, all those drive-ins from southern California, here for a little weekend getaway, want to go back home at the same time.

And Interstate 15 going south becomes a parking lot. What was a 4.5-hour drive now becomes a 6 to 8-hour drive. The better term would be a crawl!

The mountain pass is a dangerous section of the freeway where truckers and travelers merge trying to get over a steep grade.

The entire Freeway from Las Vegas to Los Angeles has been a nightmare for traffic congestion for the last twenty years and without something changing soon, it will only get worse.

High-Speed Rail??

That backup and the problems it has caused is one of the reasons we are seeing a lot of news lately about the Xpress West Highspeed rail line that has been on the drawing board for the last twenty years.

If the news reports are correct, the high-speed line from Victorville to Las Vegas should be breaking ground in early 2022. But we have had that date change often with the pandemic dragging on.

We will keep you posted!

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