Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas – Podcast Review

A look at the fun things ot do in Vegas from past podcasts

Summer is here and Vegas is heating up.  I mean that in every way possible!  So if you are planning to come to Las Vegas this summer and are looking for things to do other than the normal Strip and Downtown stuff, I thought maybe you should seek out some ideas from The Vegas Tourist Podcast series of interviews from the people who make Vegas tourism happen.  The locals who make it all happen tell us what they think Vegas Tourists should go see and do and why:

215 The Lion Habitat Ranch

Ok, it’s a bit hot out and the lions that were formally at the MGM and their friends, may not be too active during the day.  But as our guest, Keith Evans, founder of The Lion Habitat Ranch, tells us it gets a little bit busy around feeding time. The lions, giraffe and the other animals that are hanging around, love to see the tourists and show off when the dinner bell rings!

216 Pole Fitness Studio

Fawnia Mondey talks with us about the fun benefits of Pole Dancing.  Yes, Pole Dancing. It’s not just for strip clubs anymore!!  It’s a great way to have fun with friends, get some exercise and stay cool inside.

Black Canyon River Adventure
A fun day out on the Black Canyon River Adventure

219 Black Canyon River Adventure

To me, this is one of the true hidden gems of Las Vegas.  My friend Beth Carden talks about the adventure (amongst other things).  To go floating down the Colorado River in fifty-four-degree water and surrounded by almost undisturbed natural beauty. Plus you get up close and personal with the base of the historic Hoover Dam.  Get a healthy lunch while taking a break on an island that gives you time to take a little dip in the cool, clear water.  Bring the SPF 100 sunblock and a towel and enjoy a day away, unplugged and happy.

220 Foodie Tour

Who knew you could experience some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas in one evening?  That’s the idea behind Las Vegas Foodie Tours.  I talk with Don Contursi, the founder and mastermind this unique tour.  Perfect to get your foodie craving satisfied, experience Vegas in a new way and maybe even meet the master chefs themselves!

221 Talking Limousines

You always see them do it in the movies and in television shows.  Arrive in Las Vegas and get into a limousine for a ride down the neon streets of Las Vegas. I talk with Kellie McKinley from Platinum LV Transportation all about the business and how a Vegas Tourist rolls!


224 Talking About the Aquarius and Laughlin, Nevada

Just 90 miles south of Las Vegas is a gambling town built on family recreation and adventure. Laughlin is on the Arizona and Nevada border with a lot of surrounding mountains and famous highways to explore.  The Aquarius is a beautiful and full-service resort that has all the sizzle of a Las Vegas Strip resort without the Las Vegas Strip prices.

225 Talking about the Adventure Side of Las Vegas

Another trip to Boulder City and you start to wonder why you ever left!  The adventure capital of Southern Nevada, I swear!  Here we talk with Joyce Kehoe of Kayak Las Vegas.  Kayak, hiking, camping…. You name it, they have the supplies, the guides, and the know-how to set you up for an adventure you will always remember.

The Mob Museum Las Vegas
Go See The Mob Museum

227 Talking About the Mob Museum

It’s part of modern American history and it is certainly an important part of Las Vegas history.  It’s the Mob, the Mafia, whatever you want to call them, this is where you go to learn how they started in America, how they got control of Las Vegas and how they lost it all.  Just the fact’s Mam’ rolled out in interactive and informative displays.

229 – Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

You guessed it, we’re back in Boulder City to talk about ziplining thru a beautiful and historical canyon.  Just listen, it’s a fun interview with Las Vegas Territory member Brina Marcus of Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

And So Much More

Each one of my guests always loved to give more ideas than I had asked them for and each one has their own favorites.  So I hope reading or listening to the podcasts have given you some new ideas on what all you can do while in or around Las Vegas.  As always, please leave us your comments and thoughts about being a Vegas Tourist below.  We love to read them all!

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