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Las Vegas in Pictures at Night from the Air

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The COVID-19 shutdown of Las Vegas has given people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and experience The Las Vegas Strip without the traffic!! Social media has been eating up the photos and the videos of the people who have taken advantage of this chance of a lifetime.

Our photographer friend Tom Donoghue, was on assignment with Maverick Helicopters last week to capture their version of the experience. From the air and in photographs. He has allowed me to post some of the photos he shot and put them in a video. Enjoy the visuals in the video above!

The Strip is Bright and Empty

Las Vegas Strip at Night

We all have seen the photos of the Las Vegas Strip and the bright lights and all the people.  thinking it was a pretty cool sight.  well now, we get to see the same thing from the air, minus the large crowds! Las Vegas is a different place when you see it like this in the raw, with no people element.  It’s just all the unique architecture and the lights that make us famous.  You are almost hypnotized by the lack of people and the beauty of the bright lights.

Fremont Street Experience Unreal

Fremont Street Experience at night
Looking from above, you really don’t notice the emptiness, just the bright lights from under the canopy. Giving that “unreal” look. As if this was a model at some travel show.  We do know that the count down to opening has begun.

The New Stadium Glows

Alligent stadium light sup
If you are going to shoot the city lights, you now need to include our newest attraction to the skyline.  The Allegiant  Stadium.  The $2 billion home to the University of Nevada Rebels football and an NFL team formerly from California (yea, I know, the Raiders!)  I have to say, it is an impressive piece of architecture!  Even more impressive in the glow of the night lights.

The Allegiant Stadium is on schedule to open up later this year. Garth Brooks concert will be the first event held there. Followed by Las Vegas Raiders preseason game then a University Las Vegas Rebels football game.  They have a lot of events planned for the first couple of years besides football!

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