Las Vegas Stadium Update April 2019

Las Vegas Raider Stadium Update

I thought it was time for a quick update on the 64,000 seats domed stadium being built just off the Las Vegas Strip. It will be home to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Rebels football team. Plus the NFL Raiders will call it home as well.  Not only football but expect to see a ton of other events that have either missed Las Vegas in the past or are being created specifically for the Las Vegas stadium. It opens in August of 2020.

The Home Team

Originally the idea of a domed stadium near the Strip was for the UNLV Football team. Their stadium, Sam Boyd Stadium,  is nine miles off campus and being that far away from the campus,  never really gave the home team a fighting advantage. Than Vegas politics got involved and we ended up with this $2 billion darkened palace that will also be home to an NFL team currently known as the Oakland Raiders.  Both teams are scheduled to play their 2020 home games here.

It’s interesting to note that Las Vegas was always considered a neutral town for sports teams because we did not favor any one team over another and that we did not have any real professional teams that called this place home.  So because of that neutrality, we attracted a lot of big-time sports-related events. The coming of the Las Vegas Golden Knights changed that landscape.

The Real Vegas Home Team

Consider the Golden Knights as breaking our proverbial pro sports cherry and proving what many of us already knew: It’s not specifically the people who live here that will support the team as much as it is a great tourist/entertainment attraction.  Las Vegas can and will support professional sports.

Up until the arrival of the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Football League (NFL) swore to the heavens that they would never be caught dead giving Las Vegas a football team. Even the Raiders would not think of coming to Las Vegas.  But since the NHL is here and making a ton of money while building an international fan base without the NFL being here; the NFL suddenly had a “come to the bank” moment and decided to forget all the bad things they said about Las Vegas and decided that they needed to have a team here.

So they gave us the Oakland Raiders.  I guess it could have been worse. Not sure how much worse.  But I keep trying to convince myself there are worse NFL teams to be had with a worse home team fan base…  But I digress…

Las Vegas Golden Knights were born Las Vegas
The Golden Knights reminding them of who was here first

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Living here, its been fun to watch the stadium site come alive and the structure begins to take shape.  The stadium has been coming along at a fast, yet steady pace. Currently getting the bracing in place for the translucent domed roof.  The original plan called for a retractable roof.  However, with our blistering summertime heat and often heavy winds, they went in another direction. A solid roof that looks open and has some tinting to block the rays of our desert sun.

With large vent-like openings at either end that will give the fans a picture postcard view of the Las Vegas skyline while allowing air to move through when it’s not too hot or windy.  Think of a car sunroof that can also be used as an air vent when closed.

About The Video

In the video, you can also see the building of the playing field.  The structures are in place for the removable turf and the ramps that will be used for convention and concert build-outs. This is Las Vegas and there are a lot of people and organizations interested in what it will take to hold a concert, convention or other events there. To do it in Las Vegas, you will need to be over the top, eye-catching and awe-inspiring. This $2 billion palace will be able to accommodate almost whatever they can dream up! I am looking forward to seeing what people will do to make proper use of this amazing structure, other than football.

What are your thoughts??

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