NASCAR Burnouts on The Las Vegas Strip [video]

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Officially it’s called the Victory Lap. Part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champions Week. We just like to call it “The Burnouts”. The top sixteen NASCAR drivers are in town for their end of the year celebration and they take a victory lap down the Las Vegas Strip.

Start at Planet Hollywood Resort. Crusie down the Strip lined with adoring fans who have been waiting for hours to see. Do a turn and burn in the intersection in front of the Wynn and then head back down the other side of the Strip. Then do another turn and burn in the intersection in front of the Cosmopolitan. Everyone reassemble in front of Planet Hollywood and head off to a meet and greet at the Linq. Simple, fun and very photogenic.
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The Vegas Tourist YouTube video from last year is sitting at over 16,000 views so far. That’s not including the original 10,000 plus views it had before we had to download it and reload it again.

NASCAR Kyle Bush Vegas Burnouts

NASCAR Bad Boy Good Guy Good-Bye

This year was kind of a special year for the NASCAR Champions week.  For one, the one driver who was known as the bad boy of NASCAR has grown up, matured, and won the championship.  Plus he is a Vegas homegrown boy, Kurt Busch. Not to lose out on a marketing opportunity, the M&M’s people were out in force passing out free bags of M&M’s

In the second note, NASCAR good guy and all-around (?) fan favorite, Jeff Gordon retired this year and was making his last appearance at Champions Week.

This year, NASCAR decided to make some changes in the burnouts to the great disappointment of the fans.  The split the cars up.  Eight were allowed to do burnouts at the first turn and burn, the other 8 were allowed to do them at the other burnout. If you were at the first turn, you saw Jeff Gordon do his final burnout and for us on the south end, we saw Kyle Busch light up the intersection and end with a little explosion.

As you will see in the video, they took off from the curbside of the street instead of the center of the intersection. Making some very lucky fans who thought they were going to miss it, happy.  While those of us expecting the usual center strip burns, we got short-changed.  Sorry!  We did what we could with what we knew was going to happen!

Jeff Gordon Burn out las vegas strip

(Photos by Tom Donoghue)

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