Checking out the New FSE Light Show

New Lights for The Fremont Street Experience

Last night I went down to what I like to call “the freak zone”, other people call it by its actual title: The Fremont Street Experience. The reason I went there was to see the new, improved and ultra amazing light show. In the last couple of months, they have been hard at work trying to get the new lighting system up and running before New Year’s Eve.  And they are pretty much done.  I have to say that it is an amazing sight to see!

[arve url=”” title=”The Fremont Street Experience Light Show” description=”The FSE Viva Vision Light Show has 49 Million LED’s! ” upload_date=”nov 21, 2019″ /]

The Fremont Experience (FSE) opened in 1995. The canopy originally had 4 million LED’s. At that time, we all thought that was a Lot!! The total cost for the lighted canopy was $10 million.  In 2004, they did a major $70 million upgrade to bring it up to 12 million LED’s with 220 speakers pumping out 250,000 watts of sound. People again were amazed and thought that it was amazing!

Well, wait until you see the newest version of what they call “Viva Vision” This new upgrade was $70 million and the canopy light show is now at 49 million LED’s! Yes. Think 4K video on steroids. This will really get your game on watching the new shows like this.

The bad news is that with the new lighting power, they can run it all day as well as into the night.  Meaning more advertising, more noise, more freakiness.  Oh, well. Progress, I guess.  However. After seeing the show I did last night? I say “Bring it on!!”.  The shows at night are mind-boggling! Can’t wait to see what it’s like when they simulcast the rodeo or the races on this screen. It will give you the feel of being “right there” without the smell or the danger. Except for a crooked neck looking up and watching it too long!

Carl "Safe Sax" Ferris

Safe Sax

Of course, any trip to the Fremont Street Experience has got to include stopping by to see my friend and the man who’s music we use for our podcasts; Carl “Safe Sax” Ferris. Amidst all this chaos and freakiness down here, it’s nice to see a little bit of sanity and listen to the man who can play some really nice sounding Smooth Jazz and get you back in the game!  Did you know that he is the only remaining street performer on the Fremont Street Experience who was there at the beginning?  He’s da’ Man!

In Conclusion

This definitely makes it a “Must See”.  Even as the Fremont Street Experience is getting more like an inner-city ghetto with the riff-raff and money-grubbing “street performers” who are more like street hookers on an all nite binge, this is a sight to really see before you leave town!

Have you seen the new light show?  Your thoughts??

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