Walking the Las Vegas Strip Super Bowl Weekend

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On any other Super Bowl weekend, the Las Vegas Strip would be packed with tourists and rabid sports fans. Normally we would have upwards of 300,000 tourists in town. But as we all know, this was not your normal Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas.

With the current CIVID related restrictions; Most businesses are capped at 25% occupancy. Even with the capacity cap, the Las Vegas Strip was a lot busier than it has been the last few months. And that was a really nice thing to experience!

So today was the perfect time for me to get out and shoot a little teaser video of what it’s like walking the Strip. And maybe put out a little plug for my walking tours.

Walking The Vegas Strip

Walking the Strip is always fun. I like to say that people-watching is a sport here in Las Vegas. and so when you walk the Strip for the enjoyment of the walk, you really see it all! The people dressed in every kind of style imaginable. Doing things they would never get to do back home. The excitement, the strange, the unusual. You also see a lot of the history and experience the development of how Las Vegas became the city of entertainment.

Walking the Strip is fun and entertaining. That is true. But there is a lot here that most people never get to see. Even if they walk right by it. And that’s where a walking tour comes in. You get to see it and hear the story behind it. How it came to be what it is. As your knowledgeable and entertaining guide, I fill in the blanks! I answer your questions! And I have had some really strange questions!

My Love for Doing Vegas Tours

When I moved here in 2001, my first gig was as a chauffeur on the Strip. In 2001, Vegas was still booming, still hoping and a lot of things were going on in all areas of town. Driving the limousines, I got a front-row seat to a lot of the action. Either driving the people who were making it happen or watching as it was happening!

That all fed into my love of Modern American History. I found that this little town in the middle of the desert packed a lot of history into its short lifespan. Being founded in 1905, it is one of the few desert towns that refuse to die. And every time you think it’s down or dead, it springs back up in a new form with new opportunities.

When I was burned out from driving the Las Vegas Strip and seeing everything I saw (don’t ask!)and I wanted my sanity back, I switched over to being a tour guide. At first, it was just a job that paid the bills.

But once I sank my teeth into trying to answer the biggest question anyone had on a tour, I was hooked. That question was asked in several different forms, but it always came down to basically this: “Why is (whatever) here?”, In trying to answer that, I found my passion and my calling.

I’m not talking just about Las Vegas. The surrounding area is filled with some amazing history. From the small towns and ghost towns to the abandoned mines, the backroads, the National and State Parks. This little corner of America is alive and kicking with a lot of stories to tell and places people need to see. And I love showing people all that there is out here to see and experience.


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