What Exactly Is Allowed to Open in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is Open

Las Vegas is Open
As of today, Las Vegas and the State of Nevada has officially moved into what our governor calls “Phase Two” of opening back up.  So what is allowed to open in phase two?   Here’s what is allowed to open:

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NOTE: If it involves gambling or gaming? That part of the business will not be allowed to open until June 4th.


Good News!  Bars are able to reopen at 50% capacity.  They must observe social distancing protocols to allow distances of 6 feet to be maintained. Customers will not be able to walk up and order at the bar top. Customers may sit at the bar top with proper social distancing in place. (yea, ok)

Bowling alleys

Bowling alleys can reopen at 50% capacity.  They must allow room for 6 feet of social distancing.


Sorry Charlie – Brothels remain closed.

Gyms and fitness facilities

Larger gyms are capped at 50% capacity and must position their equipment to properly ensure 6 feet of social distancing. Group fitness classes are limited to allow the 6 feet of social distancing. No Locker Rooms, No Showers! Communal facilities, such as locker rooms, showers, saunas or hot tubs, remain closed. Smaller gyms that can only fit 10 or fewer people may allow their full capacity inside only if they can keep 6 feet of distance between individuals.

Houses of worship

Churches and mosques are allowed to reopen. Services will be capped at 50 attendees with social distancing protocols.

Indoor malls

Indoor malls can reopen at 50% capacity and must allow room for 6 feet of social distancing. Areas where people can congregate, such as seating in open areas, is prohibited. Retail stores in indoor malls are also subject to capacity and social distancing requirements. Food courts have the same restrictions as restaurants.

Live events

Sporting events, concerts, and live theater will not be allowed. Sporting events without spectators, such as Saturday’s UFC card, can be held with approval from the state.

Massage services

Massage services can reopen by appointment only.  Employees must wear face coverings at all times.

Movie theaters

Movie theaters can reopen at 50% capacity and must allow enough room for 6 feet of social distancing.

Museums, art galleries, zoos, and aquariums

Museums can reopen at 50% capacity. Exhibits that are interactive must remain closed.


Nightclubs will remain closed.


Restaurants are operating under most of the first phase guidelines. In-person dining capacity has to stay at 50%, employees must wear face coverings, self-serve stations like salad bars are not allowed, and seating must be spaced 6 feet apart. Customers waiting for a reservation must wait outside in the summer heat. Under the state’s second phase, restaurants are allowed to open their bar areas.

Retail businesses

Retail businesses are open under 50% capacity. They are “strongly encouraged to promote and continue” practices like curbside, delivery, or pickup operations.


Day and overnight spas can reopen but cannot offer communal services such as steam rooms or saunas.

Strip clubs

Sorry, Charlie, Adult entertainment businesses remain closed.

Swimming pools and water parks

Swimming pools and water parks may reopen at 50% capacity. Locker rooms will not reopen. Face masks should not be worn in the water.

Tattoo and piercing parlors

Tattoo parlors can open by appointment only. They may not offer body art or piercings around the nose or mouth in order to keep face coverings on.


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