White Castle Comes to Fremont Street

white castle downtown las vegas

White Castle Opened in Las Vegas

Those famous or maybe infamous little square hamburgers have finally arrived on The Fremont Street Experience this past weekend.  The second White Castle Restaurant location opened next to the remodeled Harley Davidson gift shop under the big canopy.  You really can’t miss the big blue and white arrow!

This time, there weren’t any hours-long wait in lines and having to shut down because you ran out of supplies, compared to the chaos and crowds that came in 2015 when the first White Castle opened on the Las Vegas Strip. This time it was more of a steady stream of hungry guests and curious onlookers.  (See: Las Vegas Loves The New White Castle)

No, it was a little less fanfare and less of a rush.  More of just a steady stream of customers. When I was down there today, it was a nice flow of people. Never a long wait from getting in line to ordering to getting the food.  The people behind the counter were all attentive and busy working.  No burned out equipment or staff and they kept it all clean and orderly.  Unlike other Las Vegas fast food places, they actually got all the orders right while I was there!!

White Castle Workers

Other than In-N-Out, White Castle seems to be the only other fast food joint in town where getting the order right is the norm! Ok, maybe Chick-fil-A.  But that’s really it!

At least now I don’t have to run down and fight the chaos on the Strip when I have one of those cravings for the slider.  Instead, I get to go down to the freak show and get my fill of them. Plus I love the interior design with the old White Castle photos mixed with that Vegas’ gambling character.

Love the White Castle design

While I was there, I saw our friend from Vital Vegas, Scott Roeben, checking it out.  HI SCOTT!!  I think this was his first taste of the gut bombs.  For some, that may be an acquired taste that comes from years of facing last call at the bar and needing a place to find food fast and cheap.  For that, White Castle was the only place open.  For others, it’s just a delicious tradition from where we once came from!

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