Walking the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday

walk the las vegas strip

This may seem like an unusual thing to write about. A simple walk down the Strip. Especially when every other Vegas blogger seems to want to try to find something good to say about the Virgin Las Vegas resort opening…  I will talk about that later…

For now, here is a video of clips I shot while walking back to my Jeep after doing a Las Vegas Strip Walking Tour. However, it was different because it was more of what we used to call a normal weekend.

Other than NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, not much else special was Happening in Las Vegas that would cause a crowd. But we had people again! Lots of people and it was both nice and yet a bit crazy! We are just now adjusting to what it used to be like. Once again. we have to walk around people.

After almost a year of having it to ourselves and almost always empty, barely anyone walking the Strip, we are now getting back to our old selves and having to relearn how to negotiate crowds!

The Weather! 

It’s also nice to see the bright sunshine and the warm air on the skin! This year’s weather has been something out of the Twilight Zone episode. Warm one day, freezing and windy the next,. Rain and fog the day after that! This was probably the very first real weekend for any kind of a pool party.

The Walk

The Bellagio

I don’t care how often you see it, watching the Bellagio Fountains never seems to get boring! This was the first time I had not been stopped by Bellagio Secrituy walking into the casino with my camera.  Normally it’s my smartphone on a gimble and that’s probably the issue.  The gimble looks too professional. This was shot with my DJI Action Camera.  Man, I love that camera.  Small camera, great shots all the time!

Caesars Palace

First note, on this walk, I noticed about half of the escalators was working.  That’s a little above the weekly average so far this year.  As we are starting to get the crowds back, the county must be deciding to fix more of them.

The small fountain with the horses on the corner was recently remodeled.  They actually rebuilt the entire pond.  It was looking a little sad for a long time there. Now it has new marble and tiles.  Looking good for that corner. Now it’s a popular Selfie Stop.

The main fountains are always a popular photo stop on the tour.  So far this year, they all have been working and looking pretty good for their age!

The Mirage

I always like the Mirage. The history of that place is fascinating. It is the one that made Las Vegas what it is today.  Plus it just seems so peaceful to be there, alongside the fence watching the waterfalls and maybe catching a few of the ducks that live there all the time.

The Mirage Volcano erupts Sunday through Thursday at 8 and 9 pm.  A third eruption is added for Friday and Saturday.  Get there early to get a good spot to get your pictures from.

Also from this spot, you get to see the old vegas mixed with the new vegas.  You have the Venetian, the world’s largest resort.  You have the last small, family-owned, and truly affordable, family-friendly Casino Royale in front.

Look north and you see the Wynn, the Encore, and on the far north right side, you see resorts World. The newest and most advanced resort will open later this summer. That should be an exciting Grand Opening.  Not like the lame one they just had for Virgin Las Vegas!

And then into the Venetian and off to the parking garage after dodging a few families with their wagon/strollers… eek!

Although we are still getting used to them, it’s always nice to see the crowds!!

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