Notes From Livestream

Las Vegas Sphere

On November 17, 2023, I held a livestream on YouTube. Here are some of the crib notes from that livestream

It’s been a while since my last livestream, so I may be a bit rusty on the setup and getting all the parts to work right. But we shall try.

Vegas never really sleeps, and something is always happening. The year 2023 seems to be a year of significant changes and new crossroads.

So I figured it was time, maybe even past due, to sit down, turn on the microphone, and have a Livestream discussion about all kinds of things Vegas-related. Or as much as we can fit into an hour-long show.

Here are some topics;

The F1 Debacle

Of course, we have to talk about the Sh*t show named the F1 Grand Prix. That on there could be a show all by itself for all the screwups that happened. Maybe look at the future now that the first one is under our belt.

If you have followed my social media posts, you know where I stand on that topic. But it may have changed by Monday morning. If not, I can defend my position very well. Thank you very much.

Taking in the Trash

For the second time this decade, Las Vegas is taking in more of California trash. We already have one of the worst teams in the NFL. Nothing changed when they moved the team here, except the team owner’s bank account swelled.

Now, we are getting the worst team in Major League Baseball. And they are tearing down a Vegas icon to do it.

Having the California sporting trash is NOT what Las Vegas deserves. Look at the NHL. They gave us our team, and the team won more than they lost. Winnign the Stanley Cup in five tries!

Our New Night Light

The long-awaited Sphere at the Venetian finally opened and took the world by storm. People are actually making room reservations and requesting a Sphere view. Not a Strip view!

I also believe it is the only Las Vegas attraction with its own fan page on Facebook! So we lost a volcano, but we gained a night light!

Ruining Vegas

Yes, the F1 chaos pissed off a lot of tourists as well as the locals who had to deal with it on a daily basis. However, a few other things are ruining Vegas for the average Vegas tourist. One of them is the ending of the “Streetmosphere” Performances.

The Livestream Details

The live stream will happen on Monday, November 20. 6:30 Pacific Standard Time (west coast). Hopefully, we will be able to stream across several platforms. I will keep everyone posted on that. The primary platform will be YouTube.