The 99-cent Shrimp Cocktail Returns. Sort of!

99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail

99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail returns. Sort of. The one thing many long time Las Vegas tourists miss most is the 99-cent shrimp cocktail that was served for over 50 years at the Golden Gate Resort on Fremont Street.

The Shrimp Cocktail Returns

When the new Circa resort opens up next week, the Saginaw’s Deli will offer the once-popular appetizer at the legendary throwback price of only ninety-nine cents.  Ready for this??  For only two hours a day, it’s at the old price from 3 to 5 a.m. daily.


For the rest of the day, it will be marked up to $11!!  You Read That Right!  Yikes!!  Don’t shoot the messenger! The greed is built into the resort.

Steve Mangigian, who is a partner in Saginaw’s Delicatessen, describes the shrimp cocktail as “identical” to the original one that was sold at Circa’s sister resort, the Golden Gate. It will be served complete in a tulip glass and they will use a recipe that dates to the 1950s.

The Rest of the Story

The Golden Gate resort sits just across Fremont Street from the Circa.  It introduced a 50-cent shrimp cocktail as promotion back in 1959. It stayed at that price until 1991 when it was raised to 99 cents.  It was raised one more time to $1.99. Over 25 million had been sold. It was available in the resort’s deli until 2010.  California’s Du-Par’s took over the classic restaurant and continued to sell the shrimp cocktail at a much higher price until it closed in 2017.


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