114 USA Sevens Rugby, NASCAR Warm-ups and more stuff

USA Sevens Rugby in Las Vegas

USA Sevens sport of men, sport tours in las vegas

The Vegas Tourist Podcast 114 has been officially released and awaits your listening pleasure!  We attend USA Sevens Rugby (YIKES!), talk about Butt Dials and of course, NASCAR Las Vegas warm-ups, plus all the usual The Vegas Tourist tips and rants.

In Email, is a letter from Favorite Fan Favorite Jay asking about wild flowers and jealous of Sazzy and the Happy Pebble seeing Garrison Keillor.

With record rainfall so far this year, we are expecting an absolutely beautiful Death Valley flower blooming season and Mark has some tours planned. So if you are interested, Mark will have picture-taking tips for you all soon. Death Valley Tours

Sazzy and the PA were out shooting the USA Sevens Rugby Tournament. This is a sport that you have got to see to be believed. Fast, high scoring, rough and tumbling and its an international sensation. USA Sevens Rugby Coverage

NASCAR is coming soon and the now annual NASCAR Haulers will be doing their parade down the Strip Thursday, February 25th. Starting at 6pm. This will be an awesome picture opportunity….

Sazzy worked her Mo-Jo and got permission to have the Ace Reporter interview NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

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Kick back, crank it up and listen. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to leave us your comments.

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The Vegas Tourist Podcast

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