116 Sunrise at Death Valley

Death Valley sunrise, Vegas Tours to Death Valley

March is blowing out and letting everyone with allergies know it’s true. Las Vegas is filled with tourists here for Spring break or March Madness and the Basketball finals. That means pool season is in full bloom!  Bikini weather is finally here!

Sazzy, myself and few other brave souls headed for Death Valley this past Sunday morning. Trying to catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunrise over the majestic peaks. As well as those elusive wild flowers. Mother Nature did not disappoint as Sazzy claims to have captured some of the flowers…

I can say that a good time was had by all and maybe even have some photos posted soon!! Who knows. Miracles are known to happen around here occasionally.

A quick Shout out to Ted Newkirk of AccessVegas.com … Thanks for the plug in your newsletter as well as for dinner.

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