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For this week’s podcast, we venture to the northern part of Las Vegas, actually, Summerlin to talk with another Las Vegas Territory member, Candice Shaffer.  Not only is she a Vegas native, she is also the publisher of My Vegas Magazine.  “The Magazine for Locals”

It’s always fun to find the unicorns of Las Vegas, those who were born raised and still live in Las Vegas.

  • We talk about the misconceptions many people have about raising families in “Sin City
  • The new Vegas resident/business owners being more professional
  • The fact that publishing of a real print magazine is not dead. In fact, it is growing in some niches like travel and community
  • Why Vegas is NOT L.A. or Chicago.  Why Vegas has such a different culture


Candice Shaffer Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  • See the Strip
  • Downtown / Arts District
  • Get outdoor/Outside of Vegas

Hidden Vegas Gem(s):

  • Golden Steer restaurant
  • Bob Taylor Ranch House
  • Dino’s Bar

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Carrot Top / LA Comedy Club

Favorite Vegas Movie: Casino


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