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When you live in most towns, you can talk about its past 20 years in a very short conversation.  But in Vegas, 20 years is ancient history and so much has happened in those two simple decades.  My guest today is Earl Jobson, a true Vegas tour ambassador.  Earl is a man who in his career, had a front row seat to some of the most explosive changes in Las Vegas starting in 1993.

That’s why I chose Earl as my second guest.  He worked for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA ) in various capacities as Las Vegas was going through that amazing boom time.  To be in that position at that time and to stay in the tourism industry after he left, Earl has a unique insight to where Vegas came from and where it could be headed. I wanted to get an insiders look at Vegas past as we move into the new phase where Las Vegas is transitioning to become and an “experience destination”.

One of the reasons I reformatted the Podcast was because many people always asked me about what brings people to Las Vegas to live?  And what makes them stay or leave?  Like me, they love hearing how people went from being a Vegas Tourist to being a Las Vegas local.   Some do it on purpose while others just come here and for whatever reason, forget to leave.  To talk to those who have been here as Vegas evolved and to hear their stories.

With Earl, it was getting a simple job in tourism that paid more than what he was technically trained to do.  So he figured he would stay awhile and see where it all goes.   He just happened to be in the right place at the right time to ride the wave of tourism changes and growth as the old Las Vegas was starting to crumble as the new “Mega Themed Resort” Las Vegas started to take hold.

We talk about how Las Vegas went from a gambling town to one that markets itself for the experience only Las Vegas can offer a person. What all we offer and the diversity our surrounding region has from man-made novelties to nature made wonders.

Show Notes

  • Las Vegas Smith Center brings culture to Las Vegas
  • Putting that room tax to good use through the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA)
  • Courting International tourist and breaking the preconceived notions about Las Vegas and the desert

Where Do You Send Visitors/Friends?

  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Hoover Dam
  • Zion/Bryce Canyon
  • Grand Canyon North Rim

Favorite Show(s)

Top Three Things a Vegas Tourist Should Do

  • See Downtown, beyond the Fremont Street Experience
  • The Bellagio Conservatory
  • Walk through Venetian/Palazzo shopping area

A Vegas Hidden Gem?

  • Downtown.  This means the Arts District, Container Park, Neon Boneyard, etc…

Favorite Las Vegas Movie

  • Oceans Eleven (1960)

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