228 The Business of Marketing Vegas with JS Travel Consultants

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This Podcast is more on the business side of Las Vegas. Talking about how we get all those tourists and convention people to come to Las Vegas when they have other choices.

Today I talk with Jim Higgins, a Las Vegas Territory member and owner of JS Travel Consultants.  His company is one of those that helps people find their way here and find their way to the convention and helps people create conventions and events.

So I understand that this may not be your cup of tea, but I ask that you stick it out and listen to how Jim got into the business and worked his way from Florida to Mississippi to Reno then finally to Las Vegas where he decided to finally hang out his own shingle and how that move opened his eyes to who the new Vegas tourist is.

If you must skip this one, I will look forward to seeing you back here next week!

We also talk about how Las Vegas keeps evolving and moving forward.  How the way Chicago, Orlando and other cities have stepped up their game to take on Vegas for the tourist and convention dollar and how that healthy competition has helped Vegas grow, take on new risks and become even more popular today.

Also discussed is the reasons why new venues like T-Mobile and the proposed Las Vegas Domed Stadium will only push the tourist envelope further with new ideas and new entertainment choices that will attract a new crowd of tourists Vegas has never seen before.

The business of marketing Las Vegas?  Here is a story of one of those people who fell into the tour and travel business and creating junkets to Vegas then making the jump to living and working in Las Vegas

Hey, 43 million tourists that came to Las Vegas last year didn’t just show up here by accident. There is a science and a plan to get the attention and the loyalty of a tourist to come and spend their money here and not in other tourist towns. We have junkets, concerts, and themed events.  Conventions and shows that herald the curious and the adventurous to come this way.  Jim is one of those guys who has worked for several decades in perfecting the science of knowing what his clients want and how he can deliver that “experience” they are looking for.

  • So what is the “Jump rope capital of the world”? (Bloomer, Wisconsin)
  • How has the market changed?
  • Hockey will bring a new tourist market, tourist guest – Fans of the opposing team
  • NFL will add to the revenue boost for new tourism
  • New venues will add to the opportunities for more events to come to Las Vegas. They are not poaching off each other.
  • There is an important value in using a travel agent


Jim Higgins Vegas Tourist Tips

3 Things Every Vegas Tourist Should Do or See

  • Look over Vegas, see what’s beyond the Strip
  • Go see an “only Vegas” and dine in an “only Vegas” restaurant
  • Go see the areas outside Las Vegas

Hidden Vegas Gem(s):

  • The Steak House in Circus Circus
  • Container Park
  • The Lion Habitat

Favorite Vegas Show(s): Absinth/Cirq shows (Show Links)

Favorite Vegas Movie: Vegas Vacation / Diamonds are Forever

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