Las Vegas Grand Prix Formula One – Updates

Las Vegas Grand Prix

This is Las Vegas. We do things differently here. We don’t just hold a 50-lap race. We hold one of the fastest races on earth under the lights on the famed Las Vegas Strip!

Las Vegas Grand Prix 

Yes, it’s a go!! We will have racing on the Las Vegas Strip come November next year. Not just any race. This is Formula 1 Racing. Fast racing with cars reaching speeds of more than 200 mph during the 50-lap race at night in and around the Strip on a 3.8-mile course that features three main straights and 17 corners.

50-lap race at night in and around the Strip at night!

Beginning next year, Las Vegas will host the race for at least three years.
Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix November 16-18, 2023.

The practice and qualifying for the race will take place Nov. 16-17, with the race itself occurring Nov. 18. According to current plans, the actual race will start at 10 p.m., under the lights of the Strip.

Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Race Map

Tickets and Rooms

Want to come to Las Vegas to see the race? Get out your credit card and ensure there is lots of room on it. Tickets have yet to be announced, but the word is they won’t be cheap.

Want a room? The resorts are not opening reservations that far out “yet” except Red Rock resort, and they are showing $799 a night with a three-night minimum. Those exact dates this year would be $362 a night. Red Rock Resort is about 20 miles off the Las Vegas Strip.

Is Vegas Ready for This?

This is the big question. If not replaced, the need to close down part of the Strip and the main arteries feeding the Strip traffic will need to be repaired. They can’t have dips, cracks, or holes on the track.

Then the question is, where do we send all the traffic thats’ there now? Add to this the fact that by November 2023, Las Vegas highways will be in the middle of a five-year rebuild.

This roadwork includes rebuilding the entire stretch of Interstate 15 right in front of the Las Vegas Strip! This freeway rebuild also covers the area right in front of Allegiant Stadium as they work to get ready to host Super Bowl 2024 in February! A logistical nightmare for us who must work in, around, and on the Strip!

Stay tuned for further adventures and updates!