Be a Leprecon for a day in Las Vegas Then shave Your head

That’s right, we want you to help us break the world record for the most Leprecons in one photo.  Currently, that record is at 1,263.  That’s a pretty pathetic number in our books.  We think Las Vegas can do much better than that

So, on Saturday February 13 at 8am at Town Square, we want to gather 3-5,000 properly attired Leprecons for one photo.  Then challenge other communities to try and break that record so we can do it all again in 2017.  This is Vegas and we don’t just break a record.  We bust them up and leave them in the dust while having a fun time in the process.  Get your friends, get registered and come down for fun, frolic (a free beer) and watch everyone do the Irish Jig afterward.

This event is designed to break a record and to help bring more awareness and attention to St Baldrick’s Foundation and their struggle to conquer childhood cancers.

Two of the biggest champions of this are my friends Lynn and Brian McMullan.  Proprietors of McMullans Irish Pub in Las Vegas. They are wanting… (maybe to better say Determined) to break the record as well as break the fundraising milestone of $5 million for the head-shaving events later.  Head shaving will be on March 5th at their pub as well as other locations around Las Vegas. That’s’ what the video is about…

St. Baldrick’s head-shaving events began as a challenge between businessmen and have grown from one event in 2000 to over 1,300 events in 2013, raising critical funds for childhood cancer research. Events take place in pubs, restaurants, schools, churches, parks, malls, military bases, firehouses and any other place you can imagine.

Register for the Lepre-Con event, then show up, get your hat, beard and shirt, (you have to be properly attired to be in the photo) pose for the photo then take off on a 5K run, a 1-mile walk or just hang out and do an Irish Jig while enjoying the free beer you get for registering.  Those who participate will get a bunch of other goodies and can say you helped set a world record while also helping to conquer childhood cancers.  You gotta come out and do the Irish Jig if nothing else!!

Las Vegas St Baldrick's Head Shaving March 5th

The thing that I like about these events, besides the great beer, fun people, and the entertainment, is that it is a grass roots effort and it really does impacts people in our community.  It was started by two guys in a pub wondering how they could give back to the community for all the successes they have had in their lives.  Shaving their heads was the obvious answer!

Some people who have their heads shaved, donate the hair to organizations that make wigs for cancer patients.  Most others do it to show solidarity for the kids who have no choice in their hair because they lost it to Chemo or other drugs.  Another cool thing is that this is not a large organization that sucks up all the money in some far away building.  Some of that money raised here stays right here to help fund a children’s clinic in Las Vegas. The rest goes to fund research that has already increased the survival rates for the most common types of childhood cancers to 90%.



Saturday, February 13, we invite you out to Town Square, get registered to be part of the largest gathering of Leprecons in the world.
Saturday, March 5th (NASCAR weekend) come to McMullans Irish Pub or one of the other sponsoring bars and get you head shaved (and donate to the cause)


See You There??

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