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Fireworks on the Fourth?


This past fourth of July was a three-day weekend party-fest that brought about 300,00 people to Las Vegas.  As one who has lived here for over a decade, I can say many of those were cheated out of a great fireworks show.

Las Vegas perfected the use of gunpowder as a marketing tool.  Watch our New years Eve spectacular and you will understand our love for things that go “BOOM” and getting tourists to come here and watch.   We used to blow things up just for the sake of a cheap headline.  Those days seem to be gone.

This year, I think the best fireworks shows were off the Strip.  I was touring that night, so did not get the opportunity to snap any good pictures.  But when our favorite photographer, Tom Donoghue’s best shot are those of the Stratosphere, you know something is wrong…

Off Strip Was Best

If you were lucky enough to be off-Strip, you saw the shows all over the valley.  From “Downtown” Summerlin to Red Rock to Green Valley Ranch.  It seemed every major casino off-Strip was lighting up the sky.  Not to mention every other community and regional park seemed to have something booming and banging.

Or maybe they are just saving it for when they demolish the Riviera later this fall.  Hoping that one goes like the Stardust… With a lot of fanfare and lots of explosives…

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